Workplace Wellness

A healthy working environment leads to happy and productive employees. Science has proven that meditation practiced on a regular basis changes the way the brain processes information, manages, stress, depression, and anxiety. Leading companies like Apple, Google, Nike, AOL Time Warner have incorporated wellness into the work environment to help employees relax on the job. Onsite meditation for employees allows for employees creativity, clarity, focus, and energy through the work day.

I offer tailored sessions and workshops that provide a unique opportunity for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, minds, and spirits. By incorporating sound healing and yoga into your workplace, you cultivate a culture of wellness that fosters creativity, resilience, and overall employee satisfaction. Let’s embark on a journey of wellness, where the harmonious integration of sound and movement elevates the collective spirit, fostering a vibrant and thriving workplace.

  • Onsite Corporate Sound Meditation & Yoga
  • 15-30 Minute Group Meditation
  • 1 Hour Sound Bath

Cost varies depending on location, travel time & number of participants.

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